Sealing applications

Application engineering has gained significant importance in recent years. Based on the longstanding experience of our employees, we have driven developments in all areas of sealing applications.

AyTec has set new standards in terms of process engineering in this field.

The different application technologies are used all around the world and have been adapted for a wide range of production volumes. Both low production runs for premium vehicles and high-volume production plants are catered for.


Assembly technology is the largest business unit of AyTec. We offer a wide range of systems particularly for automotive final assembly.

Our customers appreciate our know how and expertise particularly when it comes to new and challenging assembly tasks.

Our systems can be found in many pre-assembly lines (e.g. front end, suspension struts, steering columns…) as well as on main production lines (convertible top installation, cockpit assembly, high-voltage batteries).


Industrial testing systems allow fast, reliable and complete monitoring of parts and products.

This technology has been continuously improved over the last two decades and is now indispensable for automated and manual processes.

The flexibly programmable systems allow manufacturers to respond quickly to changing requirements.


For high-quality and error-free manufacturing of sub-assemblies in the automotive production and supply industry, assembly fixtures are absolutely indispensable. Fixtures are also used for the attachment of sub-assemblies to vehicle bodies and for other complex equipment.

They ensure high-precision series production with reproducible dimensional accuracy and minimal employee intervention.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in the field of fixture construction both in terms of handling and surface protection for the components being assembled, we are able to offer our customers innovative and target-oriented solutions.


In addition to classic assembly systems in the automotive industry and its supply chain, which are used in many different locations, we also offer customized solutions for plants or vehicles.

These include bulkhead punches, cooperating robot systems and various screw/bolt installation systems, among many others.