Fixture Construction

For high-quality and error-free manufacturing of sub-assemblies in the automotive production and supply industry, assembly fixtures are absolutely indispensable.

Fixtures are also used for the attachment of sub-assemblies to vehicle bodies and for other complex equipment. They ensure high-precision series production with reproducible dimensional accuracy and minimal employee intervention.

Thanks our longstanding experience in the field of fixture construction both in terms of handling and surface protection for the components being assembled, we are able to offer our customers innovative and target-oriented solutions.

Examples of pre-assembly fixtures include:

  • Assembly of headlamp and rear lamp cluster assemblies on the vehicle
  • Application of logos and lettering
  • Sealing installation
  • Window installation in vehicles
  • Pre-assembly of brake systems, steering columns, gearshift linkage etc.

Handheld devices

The development of type-specific tools demands a good understanding of your components and of the planned assembly process. In the past, we have frequently been able to unlock major potential for our customers by rethinking entire work sequences and comprehensively improving them.

The necessary handheld devices have been designed and realized accordingly.

Type-specific tools / handheld devices can, for example, be joining tools, adjustment gauges, templates, grippers or testing equipment. Many tasks can be significantly optimized with good ideas and a small amount of effort. In the process, we can offer exceptional support.

Workpiece Carriers

The front and rear axle, engine and drive components are placed and completed on a workpiece carrier on the make-ready conveyor. After completion on the make-ready conveyor, the entire drive unit is joined and bolted to the body in a fully-automated process in the vehicle assembly installation section.

We are a highly competent partner for everything from designing and prototype building to small series production (up to approx. 10 units) for the entire workpiece carrier with base frame, including any floating frames for the front and rear axles and type-specific tooling for the different vehicle types.

From design and construction to installation and measurement, we cover everything in-house.

Pre-assembly workstations

The one thing you do not want at your pre-assembly workstations is any kind of compromise. A wealth of ideas and extensive experience with interdisciplinary assembly tasks guarantee the utmost in functionality and productivity.

With our innovative designs, our systems follow the rapid developments in the field of engineering and communications.

We can develop powerful pre-assembly systems for you that will fulfill all of the different demands from the industry in terms of design, functionality and cost effectiveness.

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