Testing systems

Industrial testing systems allow fast, reliable and complete monitoring of parts and products. This technology has been continuously improved over the last two decades and is now indispensable for automated and manual processes. The flexibly programmable systems allow manufacturers to respond quickly to changing requirements.


Our claims for our testing systems are:

  • Space-saving layout of test stations
  • Good accessibility
  • High levels of safety and reliability
  • PLC with Profibus or Profinet
  • Optional remote maintenance
  • High availability
  • Long service life
  • And much, much more…




In the field of temperature testing systems, we work together with renowned German manufacturers of climate testing equipment for environmental simulations.

We provide the testing equipment for these environmental simulation cabinets (-40°C to 250°C), automate parts handling, provide upstream assembly processes and can design entire testing lines right up to the parts packaging downstream of the climate testing systems. Not only this, but we set up these lines all around the world and offer a dedicated aftersales service.


AyTec GmbH works with one of the world leaders in the field of dynamic measurement technology.

For our customers, we develop practical solutions for measuring systems for production and downstream quality control.

Our technologies are used to perform measurements automatically or manually (for smaller production runs) of pressure, force, acceleration and torque, and this information is then evaluated on the basis of the process parameters.


Test equipmentTest equipment is the technical means that is used to check products.
It is used in a production and assembly process to continuously ensure that quality targets are met.

This type of equipment can be divided into three groups:

  • Measuring instruments
  • Gauges
  • Aids

We work together with our customers to develop custom solutions in all three groups of test equipment.





External and internal cubing enables a comprehensive assessment of the visual appearance, feel and accuracy of fit for individual elements or entire passenger cells.

In this field, we can offer exceptional support as a one-stop supplier. Starting with our high-performance design software Catia V5 and our in-house metal cutting department (with component lengths of up to 3.5 m), we have everything covered up to measuring machines (6m x 2m) for quality control.

Here, we maintain close cooperations with premium manufacturers in the automotive sector.

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